Finally a thermistor replacement

Through the years we have donated materials to people who have tried to accomplish this. It has finally paid off. Vairtrix has created a thermocouple that replaces the Corvair thermistor. We are currently in the testing period but we can tell you it works great. More heat and vibration testing. More road time. Then we will be able to offer them to the public.

First test update: after 1000 miles, still works great. Interestingly, I just had a seat drop and replaced with two of our rebuilt heads. Before this my temperatures ranged from 300 to 450 depending on how I was driving. When the seat dropped, it dropped perfectly even, simply holding the valve closed and I was a half mile from the shop, so I just coasted in, so no temperature change occurred. In addition the thermocouple was in the good head. Since I got my new heads my temps range from 300 to 375. 5/10/17

Second test update: My test vehicle is a 180 HP, turbo. I use it to test all the turbos and carbs I rebuild. Because my temp gauge is so accurate and responsive I now use it to help determine the quality of the components I'm testing. Interestingly, I now have my own setup so it does not exceed 320 degrees. We have begun selling these units; provided the customer is capable of giving us feedback. This will broaden our testing. After issues with a customer's gauge we are now offering calibrated gauges. It is simple to know if the gauge is out of calibration a diagnostic is run every time the key is turned on (shown in the video).The gauge, during its diagnostic should go to 400 if it pauses above or below, it needs calibrated. If you want a second opinion, testing it with a 140 ohm resistor for a Spyder or a 180 ohm resistor for a Corsa will take it to 400 as well. If its accurate. 7/6/17

Last update: Still works great and they are for sale now. $150 for standard. $260 for monitoring both heads on your single original gauge. 12/01/17

The video demonstrates the diagnostic check of the gauge that occurs whenever the key is turned on. 2017

Restoring all original R12 Air Conditioning in house!

 In the past we have installed our fair share of aftermarket A/C systems but we can now bring original systems back to life. Even if its in a box in your garage. And yes it can be charged with R12 which due to its density stays in the system better, and R12 cools better, But R134 can be used in the original system as well, and has the benefit of lower cost and availability. 2017 


The one and only Fitch Phoenix

This car sold in 2016 for just under a quarter million. Making it the most valuable Corvair to date. The current owner is bringing it in line with John Fitch's original concepts by rebuilding the engine. Adding 6 downdraft Weber carbs on 196 cubic inches.

And we are honored to be assigned the engine build.



Yenko Cylinders Made in House


FiberMotion first proto-typed these jugs for Yenko to accomplish an increase of 32 cubic inches; taking stock 164 ci to 196 ci.

While Yenko jugs are the historically correct way to go, they are not the only way to accomplish  196 ci, Volkswagon jugs are the more economical way to go. We do both. 2009


Yenko Stinger ys003

 This car is one of the best documented cars out there, but from all my reading I can't find any information about how they reduced its weight for racing. We did a full rotisserie restoration on  this car and if it was any other, we would have talked the owner into getting another car. This one was lightened by cutting metal out were ever possible. Even exterior fenders to make room for larger tires. We put it all back. 2007 


Our Gas heater Kit

 The gas heater kit we previously used is getting hard to find, or is no longer available. Meaning no more rebuilds, but we replaced it. Its a good thing we did too, we've been doing this so long we are seeing the kits die from old age. Rubber hardens and fails. We replaced all rubber with Viton.  An electric fuel pump is used to eliminate typical issues and allows the heater to be used without the engine being on. The electrolytic capacitor that is used as a condenser  is replaced by a mica capacitor. The original full 12v hi output coil is replaced with a new one of equal quality. The original solenoid is replaced with a new higher quality one that fits perfectly where the old one went. And really all parts are new or like new. 

Best of all, no changes show.   2017